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Student Safety

At GUU, our members's safety and enjoyment is our top priority.

If you have any problems or see any kind of behaviour that makes you uncomfortable, ask a member of staff for 'Duty Board' who are on hand to help out in any way they can or head to our safe space during our club nights.


Take a look at our safety information posters around the building for ways GUU can help if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.


Everyone has a responsibility to make GUU a safe place for all, please be kind and respectful to each other!

Safe Zone

The Safezone app is another way of keeping safe on campus or walking home alone. The app allows you to directly contact campus security and first aid and can also send them your exact location in case of an emergency. We strongly encourage everyone to download this app as a means of precaution and just log in with your student email.

For additional information click here

Glasgow Taxi Scheme

At GUU we heavily encourage you not to leave or walk home alone, but if you have no other option we have some initiatives to help you stay safe.

Make use of the Glasgow Taxis student card scheme if you don't have taxi fare on you and can be used city wide. You give over your student card as an emergency deposit and the next day you can collect it and pay for your taxi at the university gatehouse.

The Glasgow taxi scheme is something you can use city-wide, if you have no money to get home at the end of a night out, you can use your student card as an emergency deposit with Glasgow Taxis then collect your student card from the SRC welcome point and pay your fare 24 hours after your trip. You can even call Glasgow taxis and quote ‘Get Home Safe’ or ‘GU1’ if you are unable to find a taxi. 

More information on how that works can be found here

Ask for Angela

If you are in a position where you need to subtly ask for help, we operate the Ask for Angela scheme within our venue. Our staff are aware of this so please do not hesitate to use it.

For additional information, click here

Safe Space

The GUU always offers a Safe Space on club nights that you access by asking any radio user (usually our stewards in blue jackets). This is a quiet room that you can use. This room may be used if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, you want to speak to a member of staff or duty exec about an incident that has occurred or you have lost your friends and need a safe place to contact them or call a taxi, or even just have a breather; however, it is not limited to these situations.

The safe space will be an alcohol free zone and drinks will not be allowed to be brought in.

We would also ask that you only bring 1 other friend or support person with you.

The location of the safe space may move from week to week so we will announce this before every club night on our instagram.

Duty Board

Student members of the Board of Management are always on duty and available to help. Duty board members can be found in navy jumpers and tops. If at any point you feel unsafe, have an issue or would like to speak to someone: ask any member of staff or radio user for a member of duty board and they will assist you.


CCTV is in operation throughout our building

Club Nights

Before every club night, we announce who is on the duty board (names and faces) and the location of the night’s safe space on our Instagram. We always have both male and female stewards in attendance who are here to keep you, all our members and staff safe, especially on busier nights. Stewards will conduct searches upon entry into the building. Please be aware that this, along with COVID passport checks, may increase queues. Our staff are working as hard as they can so please be patient. We reiterate that the responsibility to stop spiking lies with the perpetrators and not the victims. However if it would help you to feel safer, our bars will offer cling film to cover your drinks. Please do not hesitate to ask when ordering your drink. We have phone chargers available if you are left with no phone battery and are worried about getting home. To use one of these, again please ask any member of staff or radio user for a member of the duty board.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Across campus, we operate a zero tolerance policy and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. You will be ejected from the building and the incident will also be reported to the university and the police.


Helplines and resources

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