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Libraries Committee

What do we do?

Are you interested in art, poetry, books or just expressing your opinions? Then Libraries committee is a standing committee that you'll love! What we do is produce the union's official student magazine, MoGUU. We also produce Groundings, a peer-reviewed inter-disciplinary student journal and a creative writing projecr called Fleet! But publications aren't all we care about, we even host fun events like Bob Ross & Booze and Slam Poetry Open Mic.




This is the union's official student magazine. We publish five issues every year and all of our previous issues are available online here. We have all sort of content from political pieces to theatre reviews to scientific commentary. On our website you can find online-exclusive articles! Come along to our contributor's meeting every Wednesday @ 6:00pm from September in the Bridie Library in the GUU to get more involved!

Groundings Header.png

Groundings is an undergraduate peer-reviewed journal in the arts, humanities and social sciences. We're one of the few universities in the UK that give students a chance to officially publish their own work! Getting involved is a great chance to add something really cool to your CV. If you like the sound of this and think that it is something that would interest you, check out our Facebook page.

Fleet is our up-and-coming creative writing project! The theme encompasses 3 broad ideas and submissions open in October. The publication aims at showcasing and displaying student poetry and short story writing, along with any other forms of creative writing that wants to be printed!

Info about the submissions and project can be found on our Facebook page. 


It's not all about producing content for the Libraries Committee. We also have lots of fun events! Get out your paintbrushes and join us for Bob Ross & Booze. Or perhaps instead of painting, you prefer the art of words. Then Open Mic Slam Poetry is the perfect opportunity for eloquent language, mic drops and a laugh with your mates. Whatever your passions, there's an event for you!

Get Involved Libraries
Get Involved

The best way to get involved with MoGUU is to come to our weekly contributors meetings. But we also recommend following our Facebook page and joining our contributors group for frequent updates on what pitches we have available.


If you're more of an academic, like our Groundings page for all the updates on that! Also, if you find your talents in short stories and/or poetry, come and write for our creative writing project Fleet!


If you have any more questions, don't be afraid to email our wonderful Libraries Convener, Rochelle, at

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