BOArd of management

Unlike most Student Unions, the GUU has no sabbatical officers. Instead, the Union's affairs are controlled on behalf of the membership by a 26 member board of management, featuring 17 elected student positions, 7 alumni positions and 2 ex-officio seats for the President of the Glasgow University Sports Association and the Past President.

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Amy Briggs



Emilio Seifert

Honorary Secretary


Vilhelm Carlsson 

Assistant Honorary Secretary


Convener of Debates

Joseph Hutchison

Convener of Games

Sara Matthew

Convener of Libraries

Fuad Kehinde

Convener of Entertainments

Lewis Moore

present student members

Duncan Armstrong-Martin

Chris Falkingham

Shiona Luke

Amy Reid

Mark Sullivan

Eleanor Kirk

Yasmin Baker-Marshall

Alex Hull

Lauren Lilley

Sam Bracken

Vice presidents

Nicola Wilkinson

Gavin Muir

Honorary Treasurer

Colin Woods

Former Student Members

Imogen Dewar

Helen Dennison

Jag Kooner

Rob McMillan

The 3 person executive committee is made up of the President, Honorary Secretary and Assistant Honorary Secretary. The President chairs the board and is responsible for special projects, external communications and external relations, whilst the Honorary Secretary is responsible for day to day operations, membership experience and security & licensing matters, as well as organising flagship events such as Freshers Week and Daft Friday, supported by the Assistant Honorary Secretary, who is responsible for managing the board and supporting them in operating the Union, whilst also handling the Union's relationships with affiliated clubs and societies.


The executive liaise with the building management daily to organise operations, and are supported by 2 alumni Vice Presidents (each elected for 2 year terms with one up for re-election each year) and the Honorary Treasurer, who provide strategic guidance.


4 Conveners operate below this, managing their own committees of Debates, Games, Libraries and Entertainments, made up of Union members, which organise regular events during term-time.


10 Present Student Members are elected, 5 per year on a 2 year term, to represent the members and partake in operational committees ranging from PR to Student Welfare and Sustainability. 4 Former Student Members round off the board, providing a voice for the Union's alumni members and providing experience and support for the student members carrying out projects.


As a Board, we are always interested in hearing your comments or suggestions. Please feel free to get in touch using the emails above or simply by dropping in and asking the Porter to speak to one of us.