Freshers Helping

The Union wouldn’t be able to hold Freshers Week without a large team of helpers, who assist the board and committees in running the week and welcoming new students to both the Union and University.

Helping is a Glasgow University tradition across our 4 student bodies, and an extremely popular way to get involved in the Union. Our helpers wear green t-shirts and will be spotted across campus and within the building across the entire week. From helping new students move in to pointing them towards clubs and societies, advising on a good place to eat or demonstrating a good spot for a pint, helpers are the blood of the freshers week experience.

We recognise that many of you may not have experienced the GUU this year and as such we understand if your application is not focussed on the Union.

The GUU values diversity, promotes equality and challenges discrimination. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds.


How to apply:

Make sure you are a member of the GUU. Membership is free and the sign-up process is quick and easy. Sign-up here.

Download the application form (word document) and take your time to complete it (see tips below).

Attach your application to this google form. You must submit this form before the 30th April (12 Noon).

Please note: If this link does not work due to permission requirements, please try a different browser/email account. If this does not resolve the issue, please use the following form (log-in with student email required).

We will contact you regarding interviews once applications have closed.

If you have any questions/concerns/difficulties, please contact the Honorary Secretary.

Some Feedback from last year's application process:

  • Short, Concise answers doesn't mean single sentence's. We can't grasp much about applicants from them.

  • Some applications are very focused on being serious, whilst others are completely focused on fun. The best applications are a good balance of both.

  • When filling in an application, remember we need to hold lots of interviews. Applications which catch our attention are those we are most likely to pick. Funny stories, unique achievements and great ideas can all do this.

  • We can't emphasise this enough, BLANK CANVAS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Good Blank Canvases make or break applications.

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