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GUU Life Membership

Purchasing a Life Membership entitles you to join a community that is rich in the tradition and excellence of the Union’s former members. It allows you to keep up-to-date with the current events at 32 University Avenue, and offers you the opportunity to re-invest in the Union, to ensure that the current members can enjoy similar experiences. You will also have opportunities to attend flagship events, dinners and activities as well as Life Member exclusive events.

Life members receive a custom life membership card, and get to sign the Union’s life membership register, featuring many famous names of members across the last 100 years. They can also stand for election as Former Student Members, Vice-Presidents and Honorary Treasurer, contributing essential advice and skills to keep the Union running smoothly and acting as trustees of the charity.

Life Membership is a one off fee of £52.00 or £10.00 if you sign up within three years of leaving university. You must have held GUU membership at least once as a student to be eligible for Life Membership.


If you have any further questions, please get in touch with the Honorary Secretary via


Life Membership Records

We are digitalising our Life Membership records and need your help!


If you signed up for life membership before September 2020 please click here to let us know your details and how best to contact you for future events.

If you have any questions or issues, please get in touch with the Honorary Secretary via

Dinner, Drinks and an evening back in the Union.


On Saturday 11th February 2023, Glasgow University Union is so excited to formally welcome back all our life members back to the Union for an evening to reconnect and catch up post the pandemic.


What to expect:

- Reception drink

- Three Course Meal

- Entertainment to dance the evening away

- An evening back at the Union

By your ticket now while space is available!

Ticket options:

- Table package to purchase a table for 10 guests.

- Individual tickets with the option to purchase a plus one.

The1885 Title.png

The Union has relaunched an Alumni & Life Membership newsletter to keep in touch with our community. If you' have any inquiries about our newsletter, would like to contribute in our next edition or are interested in signing up for life membership, please email

If you would like a physically copy of our newsletter, please contact with your Life Membership number and we'd be more than happy to post one!

Summer issue 2022

Notable Alumni

Many GUU members have gone on to achieve great success in fields such as business, politics and journalism. Some of our notable former members include:

Nicola Sturgeon MSP

First Minister of Scotland

Former GUU Debater

"The standard of debate was always high, and stood me in good stead when I entered political life. The Union itself was the hub of university life, and like most students, I spent many enjoyable hours there. It played, and still plays, an intrinsic role in preparing young people for adult life."

Other distinguished alumni are sadly no longer with us, but have made significant contributions during their lifetimes to both society and the Union, they include:

Charles Kennedy

Former leader of the Liberal Democrats & Former Rector of the University of Glasgow

John Smith.jpg

John Smith

Former leader of the Labour Party

Donald Dewar

Inaugural First Minister of Scotland

James Bridie.jpg

James Bridie

Acclaimed playwright & Founder of D*** F*****


Alumni & friends of GUU

The Union has a large community of life members who continue to contribute to its enduring success. Alumni events and activities are often organised by the Friends of GUU, who operate their own facebook page here:

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