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Games Committee

What Do We Do?

We are one of the four standing committees of the union that help run all the great events you see throughout the year! Our main role is organising our fantastic weekly Beer Bar Pub quiz which runs every Monday throughout the year. We are also in charge of the whole month of games as well as our big one-off events in the debate’s hall such as tug of war, dodgeball, 250 people quizzes and much more!

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Beer Bar Quiz

This weekly quiz runs every Monday at 8pm in the beer bar. With 6 fun rounds, Beer bar's famous drinks and great prizes it is a great way to start your week but potentially ruin your Tuesday. This hosts teams from as small as 1 to as many you can fit in a booth. The winning team has a chance to win fantastic prizes every week.

Month of Games

February is the month of games in the GUU and is the one and only time of the year you have a chance to get your name immortalised in gold leaf in the iconic beer bar. This is made up of 7 different events with dozens of chances to win huge cash prizes and have your name printed in the gold leaf.


This is an event not to be missed even if you’re not a big player it’s definitely one for the spectators. Come down to a busy Billiards darts area and play darts against the very best dart players GU has to offer with a chance to win £100 and your name in gold leaf. With beer for all competitors and a heaving crowd the atmosphere is second to only the Alexandra Palace.

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What it says on the tin.  Dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge. Come along for some competitive dodgeball in the debates chamber and play your heart out to win £200 and your team name in gold leaf. If you don’t fancy playing be sure to come down to watch and cheer on from the galleries.

Iron Stomach

This fan favourite involves a dozen participants going to head to head in a 12 round knockout food eating challenge with the slowest being eliminated. Come down to a packed Beer bar for an incredible night of carnage and cheer on your favourites in their disgusting eating challenges. Man vs Food seems soft in comparison!

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At the end of the month party we host all of our games and competitions featured on the iconic beer bar gold leaf boards, with the chance to win the famous “Single Pint”, “Strawpedo”, “Boat Race” and “Strawpedo Sprint”. Come along to the heaving reading rooms to enter, with the winners earning themselves a gold leaf. This is a rowdy, loud and unreal event that is fun for all and we cannot recommend enough for all students.


Big All-Day Games Event

The Big All-Day Games Event is on the last Saturday of February and is a fun-filled day of competitions and games with the winning team receiving £300! This is a great event and requires little athletic ability so is a great chance for anyone to get their name in gold leaf.

Get Involved

Applications for Games Committee are now OPEN until the 18th of May, get your hands on the application form here! Once you've filled it all out, sent it over in an email to our Games Convener Rebecca at or hand a physical copy into the porters box in the Union. Good Luck!

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