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Glasgow University union
-  Annual election 2024 -

GUU's Annual Elections will take place on March 7th, 2024

Friday 16th February: Election Information Evening (17:30) (Bridie Library)

Monday 26th February: Nominations Open (09:00)

Thursday 29th February: Nominations Close (17:00 sharp)

Wednesday 6th March: Candidate Hustings (18:00) (Debates Chamber)

Thursday 7th March: Polling Open (09:00-19:00) (Dining Room)

Thursday 7th March: Results (From 20:00) (Debates Chamber)

annual elections 2o24 candidaTE MANIFESTOS

Our annual elections in 2024 will be held on Thursday 7th March. Please click on each candidates name to see their manifesto.


Honorary Secretary

Assistant Honorary Secretary
Convener of Debates
Convener of Games
Convener of Libraries
Convener of Entertainments
Convener of Communications
Former Student Member (Until 2026)

Present Student Member (Until 2025)
Present Student Member (Until 2026)

Board of management

Our student board is made up of 18 people: The Executive Committee (President, Honorary Secretary, Assistant Honorary Secretary), The Conveners (Debates, Libraries, Entertainments, Communications and Games), and 10 Present Student Members who complete the student board.

Being a board member is a position of great privilege, and is a real opportunity to make a difference to the landscape of the Union. If you've got an interest in the Union, seen something done and had an idea as to how it could be improved, or got some brand new ideas to improve the Union for the benefit of our members then this is the perfect time to make yourself heard and make a difference!

the AGM will be held Monday 11th March 2024 in line with the constitution

Election Procedure & Standing Orders

For more information on how elections are run, click the icon.

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