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What to Expect


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11_09_2023 Silent Disco and Welcome Ceilidh A3 (Monday).png
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How is Freshers' Week working this year?

We’re giving every student, from first year to last year, a Freshers' Week experience to remember.


Freshers isn’t just about being new to Glasgow - it's about meeting old friends after summers apart, trying new things and having some fun before the academic year begins! 


That’s why the two Student Unions on campus, Glasgow University Union (GUU) and the Queen Margaret Union (QMU), have teamed up like never before, presenting a joint programme across 9 jam-packed days to introduce everyone to The Home of Glasgow Student Nightlife.

Please note: evening events held from Monday 11th - Friday 15th September are open to new UofG students only.

Your FW2023 Wristband

Our evening Freshers' events during the week (11th-15th September) are exclusive to new students so you'll need a FW2023 Wristband to access. This is the ONLY OFFICIAL wristband for University of Glasgow Freshers' Week 2023.

These wristbands will be £50.00 and available to all new students. You can buy your wristband now here or purchase one in person during Freshers' Week at either of the two Unions.

To pick up your band or purchase one in person, all you need is: Confirmation of Studies email, a form of photographic or Student ID and your FIXr confirmation QR code.

Wristbands can be collected from either GUU or QMU from Sunday 10th of September.

All our wristbands are made from recycled plastic bottles.

10_09_2023 Colour Fest A3 (Sunday).png
15_09_2023 Foam Party A3 (Friday).png
09_09_2023 Halfway to Paddy's A3 (Saturday).png

Where do you collect your wristband?

Glasgow University Union

Collect your wristband from the Debates Chamber or Reading Room on the first floor. Our information stall will be able to help if needed.

Sunday to Friday between 11am - 5pm

Queen margaret Union

Collection from the information stand in the entrance hall.

Friday then everyday from Sunday 12th 11am - 5pm

what exactly is Freshers' Week?

Freshers’ Week is 10 days to remember which will launch your University of Glasgow experience. As well as meeting new people in your year, you’ll be able to see what you can do outside of classes to add to your experience at university. The two student unions have been working tirelessly to ensure that you can have a safe, but also extremely fun Freshers' Week and look forward to seeing you in September whether you have always called Scotland home or you're flying into Glasgow to start a new chapter!


Freshers' Week is a great way to gain new skills, find your passion, forge friendships for your university life and beyond, all whilst beginning the journey to your degree! From taster sessions, to the events the Unions are putting on to help you meet your fellow Freshers, we have it all to give you a perfect taste of what university life is all about, and allow you to welcome yourself into a new stage of your life!


The University of Glasgow is unique in that we have four student organisations on campus compared to the typical one organisation. Each has a different function in providing services to students whether they specialise in social activities, welfare, representation or sports but all aim to deliver an amazing experience for University of Glasgow students. The two unions have created a schedule that caters to both freshers and current students. Leading up to the week, events are open to all students, while the events during the week are solely for freshers. You can find the SRC and GUSA Welcome events for all students here.


For enquiries about disability access and support, please get in touch with the Disability Service at or phone 0141 330 5497.

The QMU provides access to the building via a disabled ramp and all floors via the lifts. 'Venue' has a disabled viewing platform available for booking in advance that can be reserved and QMU staff will arrange to meet the student and escort them to the platform. The QMU also allows free entry to an approved carer if required.

The GUU is also accessible on all levels/rooms to those requiring disabled access. Disabled access to the Old building is via the back lane or Beer Bar with a lift that provides access to all floors.

The GUU Extension is also served by a lift and provides access between both the extension and the Old Building.

Get Home Safely

Between Monday 12th - Friday 16th September, the GUU and QMU will be laying on night buses to get you home safely after your night at either Union, the buses will be manned by SRC and GUSA helpers. The night buses will be giving lifts to University of Glasgow student accommodation, including: Murano Street Student Village; Queen Margaret Residence; Cairncross House; and Wolfson Hall.*

* Please note, Wolfson Hall bus route will run less frequently. Please check the Freshers' Week night bus schedule for more information.

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