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Mental Health

Student mental health is one of our upmost priorities. One of the biggest driving factors for maintaining good mental health is having a good social life and support network. We run multiple events throughout the week which provides the opportunity to meet new people and let you try something new. Such events include Beer Bar Quiz on a Monday, Show Debates on a Wednesday and Open Mic on a Friday. There are also several committees to get involved in which is a great way to gain new friends. Don't be afraid to come along to any of these events alone as there will likely be people doing the same. 


We also have a safe space within our building on club nights to help comfort those who are feeling overwhelmed or need a break, to access the safe space please ask the staff or find a member of Duty Board. 

Here are some immediate links if you feel like you are struggling:

Our sister union the Queen Margaret Union has their own Mental Health campaign, 'Elephant in the Room', which has an extensive resource list that can be found here: Elephant in the Room Resource List

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