Find all the information below on how to vote, candidate manifestos and what each position does!

Voting is done in person, in the GUU, between the hours of 9am and 7pm on Thursday the 5th of March. 

You must be a member to vote, and to become a member you must bring your U.of.G student card to the GUU porters box.

When voting you place a 1 next your first preference, 2 beside your second, and so on until you have ranked all the candidates you want your vote to go towards.

If you vote, and bring your stamped membership card, you will get £2 entry to HIVE that night.

Student Board Members

The Student Board are the members you have the most contact with, they are split into three sections, with different positions in each section.


Executive contains the President, Honorary Secretary, and Assistant Honorary Secretary. This year President and Honorary Secretary are both contested.

Conveners contains Convener of Debates, Games, Libraries and Entertainments. This year the Convener of Entertainments is contested.

Present Student Members or PSMs are split into either one or two-year categories, depending on if any two year PSMs resign after only one year. There are currently four one-year positions available and five two-year positions. 

This is the most contest election we have had in at least the past five years.

Find the manifestos for each group below


This year we have two contested Executive elections, check out all the manifestos bellow. 


This year we have one contested convener elections, check out all the manifestos bellow. 

Present Student Member

This year both PSM positions are heavily contested, check out all the manifestos bellow. 

Non- Student Board Members

The Non-Student Board are the members that support Student Board in their duties, ensuring good governance and providing scrutiny to anything the Board does. They are split into three position.


Vice-Presidents are Trustees that support the Executive in their roles.

Honorary Treasurer helps the Board keep the finances in order 

Former Student Members or FSMs help the Student Board in any projects they may undertake. 


This year we have two Life Members running for the position, check out their manifestos bellow 

Honorary Treasurer

Colin Woods continues on as our Honorary Treasurer after being uncontested.

Former Student Member

Gavin Tulloch continues on and Imogen Dewar rejoins the Board after both being Uncontested. 


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