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131st Annual Election

The 131st Annual Election will take place on Thursday 3rd March. There are a whole host of positions up for grabs for both current student Members and Life Members. 


Nominations have now closed and the results can be seen below. VOTING will take place on Thursday 3rd March between 9am and 7pm. To vote, you need to be a currrent member or Life Member of GUU and must produce a valid membership card. 


Not a member? Joining GUU is easy, simply go to the porters box with your GU matriculation card Monday to Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 10pm-6pm. You can also join on the day. Life Membership enquiries should be directed to honsec@guu.co.uk


Manifestos for all positions (both contested and uncontested) can be found using the links to the right.




Download Manifestos
Download the relevant manifestos by clicking the links below

Update on the 131st Annual Glasgow University Union Elections


Notice of Update Regarding the 131st Annual Elections


The Returning Officer has reviewed the election forms that were submitted by the deadline of 5pm 25th February and has declared the following


President - Mr Fergus Greig

Vice President - Mr Gavin Muir

Honorary Secretary (1 position) - Mr Robbie Miller, Mr Blair Lockwood

Honorary Treasurer - Mr Stephen White

Assistant Honorary Secretary - Miss Liseli Sumbwanyambe

Former Student Members (2 positions) - Miss Heather Whiteside, Mr Jag Kooner, Mr Paul Sweeney

Convener of Debates - Mr Douglas Jack

Convener of Games - Miss Hannah-Naomi Karim

Convener of Libraries - Miss Anna Ireland

Convener of Entertainments - Miss Elsa Brotchie

Present Student Member (to March 2017) (5 Positions) - Mr Connor Davidson, Mr William Michael Finlayson, Miss Emma Prendergast, Mr Aslak Ringhus, Mr Stefano Sesia, Miss Lucy Stewart, Mr John Douglas Willison, Miss Ellen Wilson

Present Student Member (to March 2018) (5 Positions) - Miss Keri Anderson, Mr Craig Everett, Miss Lottie Van Grieken, Miss Ailsa Jones, Mr Roderick MacVicar, Miss Alexandra Kate Martin, Miss Irene Helen McCannell.


The returning officer is pleased to confirm that there were no invalid nominations. As such, elections shall be contested in the positions of Honorary Secretary, Former Student Member (2018), Present Student Member (2016) and Present Student Member (2017).



Hustings shall take place at 7pm on Wednesday 2nd in the Debates Chamber and the election shall take place from 9am-7pm Thursday 3rd in the Dining Room, with announcements made thereafter in the Debates Chamber.


Good luck to all candidates


Simon Tierney